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What do some of these things look like for someone with extreme Tritanopia? (Please answer only if you have Tritanopia)?

I know it's annoying to have people constantly pestering you about how you see the world. I am a writer and I have a character who is colorblind and I just want to make sure I'm describing the way he sees accurately. From what I gather, things I see as yellow people with Tritan see as pink. What is purple is more brown. Green is different shades of blue and teal? 

So I'm curious what colors you would see in the photo below.

I'm also curious as to what color you see blonde people's hair.

Do blue eyes seem more teal?

Can you tell the difference between blue and green?

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1 Answer

  • 3 months ago

    How we see colours and how we interpret colours are 2 different things.

    I was raised by a colourblind mother with several older siblings who were colourblind. Including an older sister who I shared a room with. It was the tritanopia form of colour blindness.

    I have an adult daughter with tetrachromacy - the ability to see extra colours.

    She always suspected I was mildly colourblind. During a recent discussion we realised that my colour vision is fine (it has been tested on numerous occasions) however, having been taught my colours as a child by my mother, I struggle to name or correctly identify some colours even though I can clearly see the difference.

    Asking people with tritanopia to identify colours by name is an exercise in futility.

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    • Tarkarri
      Lv 7
      3 months agoReport

      There are websites available that  show various photos that have been colour altered to show how colours appear to someone afflicted.  Rather than saying colour A looks like colour B they are more  likely to say these two things look the same colour.

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