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G asked in SportsHockey · 1 month ago

Why the NHL is always a TV Ratings Dumpster fire?

1 Answer

  • 1) Ratings in Canada are up slightly for HNIC since they sent racist grandpa

    packing (both the 7pm and 10pm ET slots).

    2) NBCSN's US ratings for their weekday games are up 9% (according to Sports Business Journal) however the recent trend isn't favourable.

    3) Winter Classic was down over last year.

    4) NBA ratings are down double digits so far, MLB ratings have been in a free fall.

    5) NASCAR ratings have been in free fall for the last 3 years in the US.

    Award shows in America have been on a steady decline over the last decade plus. Fewer subscribers and more people watching online content.

    But yes, declining TV ratings are solely the dominion of the NHL.

    • Bob
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      Great answer

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