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OogieBoogie asked in PetsReptiles · 1 month ago

Leopard gecko questions ?

I haven’t had a gecko in probably 10 years. I had a leopard gecko as a kid that I loved. She was really interesting to care for.

I’m an adult now, and looking to get another leopard gecko.

I am reading some conflicting information. I have a 35 gallon aquarium that has a bad seal, that I wanted to use but I am now seeing I should stick with a 20 gallon. Is this true?

I have a few accessories, but I am now reading I need to monitor humidity. Do I need to use a humidifier/mister? I have one laying around.

I have turtles, so I have random heat lamps, but which is better, a mat or a heat lamp? I am willing to get a mat.

I also read you can use tile, as paper towel. Does anyone have experience with paper towel? I feel thatd be the best option, and cost effective.

Last, are there any articles or youtubers you can recommend I watch to learn how to raise crickets and mealworms? I always seem to mess up the crickets 

Thank you

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