I need advice about this situation at work?

I work full time for a retail company. I've wrote previous questions about how my job doesn't respect my time off. They call me or text me a lot on my days off so I have been annoyed lately as it is about that. I can't even have one peaceful day off. I am a really good and hard worker but I notice I am the only coworker who works all weekend. I really do love the hours but I work all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My coworkers and even my boss get at least one of those days off. My mom even wonders why they put me to work so much and thinks I should ask for at least one of the weekend days off. 

My boss has already made the schedule for this week and next week. I was wondering, would it be okay if I asked for next Saturday off if it is already posted? Or should I request the Saturday after that if he hasn't made the schedule yet?


This weekend, my boss said he was going to work Saturday but he took himself off for a family event. Next Saturday, he put me on for that day but it's already been posted so I really want that off. He hasn't made the third week yet. Which week should I take off?

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    Unplug your landline and turn off your mobile when you are on an agreed day off. Simple.

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  • I think you've asked this before.

    If you didn't book these days off, you're still available to your boss. 

    If you want the day off turn down the volume on your phone, and ignore their phone calls. Don't do this too often or they could cut your hours.They will move onto the next available person. If you booked your days off, then your boss shouldn't bother you at all. If the schedule is all ready posted, you're not likely to get it off unless you ask for it.  Or you should find some one to cover for you and let your boss know about the change in shifts. 

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    When you aren't working, a company can ask you to come in on your "day off" to fill in for someone who is sick or for whatever reason can't make it in for their shift! You are by no means required to go in, hell, you don't even have to pick up your phone, its optional if you want to work on a day off, but certainly not a requirement.

    My company is like that as well! If someone can't go in, they call me first thing between 6-7am asking if I can come in later that day to fill in a co-workers shift, if I'm in the mood to do it then I go in, other times I really can't be bothered to answer my phone at 6am and I ignore their call(s). In the past I used to go in on a lot of my days off if they called me in, but ever since the boss ****** me over (long story btw), I no longer give them the time of day when I'm not scheduled in.

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    You're being played.

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      Care to elaborate?

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