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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsSTDs · 2 months ago

Painful sore on perineum ?

I have this sore in between vagina and anus. Yesterday it was white but looked indented not sticking up like a pimple. Looked just like a canker sore. Today it’s very light pink, like layers of skin is missing. It burns if pee gets on it. I’ve been going commando. 

Another thing is I’ve been with my husband for 5 years and he gets cold sores about 4 times a year his whole life. He’s been checked and they called it impetigo.

well I’ve never had any issues like this before and I’m 25 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby. 

The thing is when the cold sore starts you can’t really see it. Just looks like a red dot but he hates them so he’s always touching it to much.. 

not thinking about it he did oral on me, we usually don’t when he’s got one but for some reason we did.

All I know is it hurts to sit, walk, pee, wipe, water, soap, everything. It’s just a small spot so I don’t get it. There’s only one, no discharge, no smell.

Also I put peroxide on it and it just stays bubbling up after I wipe it away and spray more it’s bubbling again over and over

And it’s impossible to keep dry 😔

If I’ve been with my husband for 5 years why would it just now pass to me if it’s herpes?

He was told it was impetigo a few years before we met. Also he tried to join the army 2 years ago and they never said anything about it... 

really hoping it’s not serious but I’m to shy and embarrassed to go to a doctor other than my midwife which I will see on Monday. 

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