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Anonymous asked in Food & DrinkBeer, Wine & Spirits · 2 months ago

Does it make me gay if I like to drink Hard Seltzers instead of beer (I enjoy beer too)?

I drink beer. Mostly imported. But I really enjoy the Hard seltzer drinks like Truly & White claw. 

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  • Rick B
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    2 months ago
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    Being gay means that you like to have intercourse with others of the same sex. It has nothing to do with what you drink.

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  • 2 months ago

    What you're essentially asking is doesn't make you "sissy" to drink those as opposed to more manly seeming drinks. you are miss using the word gay because when I was in high school between 2004 and 2008 BTW I have aspergers anyway we would throw around the word retarded to mean stupid and my teacher who works with disabled kids of all types said that is inappropriate and if I catch anyone of you saying that again you will be sent to the office ! We couldn't figure out why she was saying that and she explained that it was derogatory to people with that mental diagnosis claiming they are stupid and my classmate Casey got so pissed because that's not the way he meant it he just meant stupid but he didn't mean that he's classifying them as stupid. but Inaja Lety he was even if he didn't know it. You're classifying gay with sissy and that's not what gay means other people do use it that way stupidly. but no it does not mean sissy it means a sexual orientation . So no this does not make you sexually one way or the other . But also if you're talking about Sissy you need to say it like that because people are gonna misunderstand your question but let me answer that part 2. It does not make a man sissy because he prefers wine or hard cider or seltzer drinks as opposed to whiskey and related types if you don't like whiskey your pallet doesn't like whiskey so what that doesn't make you less testosterone doesn't make him less manly. and if you're asking because somebody thinks you are less manly then they don't like you for you and they think that you're a wimp and why would you want to hang out with somebody that thinks you're a wimp and that also means that person is probably racist and probably homophobic. because if somebody has a problem with a man not doing stereotypical man things and they're probably homophobic and probably only want to hang out with men to do manly things and if someone is afraid or opposed to a girl doing more tomboy things than they are probably also homophobic but just because a girl wants to be more into fixing cars doesn't mean that they're gonna suddenly join at the LGBTQ community and become a man they still like to dress up and they still like to go to pretty dances with their boyfriends and wear high heels they just happen to like fixing cars . You probably still like going to car shows and probably still like to watch football and you probably still like any other thing that every stereotypical man likes just like you should but you don't necessarily like beer . That's how my mom's boyfriend is he asked metrosexual meaning he's more into shorts and flip-flops and he has this salmon colored polo he loves to wear and is obsessed with tanning but let me tell you he is a man's man he loves car shows he loves football he has a manly business oh and he likes to drink wine and wine coolers preferably over beer he does like a beer but he's clearly a man. He is clearly not LGBTQ community. He clearly likes to go tanning and clearly likes flip-flops and has a fancy *** nissan z33 I believe. it's kind of a fancy *** car very European looking but does that make him suddenly girly no? just because you drink wine coolers as opposed to a hard *** man's beer and you have a European looking car and you love it more than your girlfriend and you like to go tanning doesn't mean that you're gonna be gay or whatever LGBTQ thing . He clearly exhibits a whole lot of manly attributes believe me. so I think that's a ridiculous question and you should be clearly happy with who you are regardless of what people think about your choices of food and drink and other lifestyle choices and if you know you're manly and that's all that matters that's fine don't question it anyway even if you do decide one day that you switch sides that's okay that's your choice nobody can bother you about it because it's not their choice it's yours. Frite drinking a drink does not give you some potion that changes your penis to vagina or make you grow boobs or what have you. end neither does it make you feel less manly in the man community like it doesn't make you lose your Ricahrd and you're suddenly a girly girl. you can still go to a manly bar in order for an Alka-Seltzer drink for a wine find nobody's gonna kick you out and say hey this is a pub we don't allow wine drinkers here get out that only happens in the movies so I think you're fine you go to a football game with your buddies and everybody's bumping Cheslyn their favorite team gets a score in your over there drinking a wine cooler who cares that's not gonna mean that you're suddenly out of that dice club and can't go to the football games anymore with them. Have never heard of that and that you have homophobic friends. and if that's the case then they're insecure about themselves because they know you're a manly man as they are and they're just insecure. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Hey fellas is this gay to be alive?

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