tower HHD hooked up outside the tower thru USB?

is this possible?

i have a few hard drives and need to see what is on them but the plugs do not match....where can i get adapters or what i need to hook them up. i have one for laptop hard drives but it will not do the same for tower stuff

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  • 5 months ago

    You have three options:

    A bare USB-SATA+IDE adapter kit for desktop drives:

    eg. Search ebay for "3.5" USB sata ide adapter" and get one that comes with a power supply brick, something like this:

    That's pretty universal - it will work with bare laptop or desktop drives with either SATA or IDE interfaces.

    A "dock" - search for HDD Docking station.

    This type of thing; for a single drive they do nothing more than the kit above, and generally do not take IDE drives - but are neater, if you want to keep drives connected to use.

    A 3.5" USB enclosure:

    That converts a drive into a stand-alone portable drive. You need one for each drive, but it's far safer as the drive electronics are not exposed.

    Again, make sure it comes with a power supply, such as this one:

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  • 5 months ago

    You can buy a hard drive dock. You plug in the drive to the dock and the dock plugs into your PC via USB (USB3 typically). It will show up in your file explorer as any other hard drive. However, you need to make sure you know what connection your drives use. The majority of computers from the past 13-15 or so years use SATA hard drives. If your hard drives don't use SATA then you may need to find an IDE compatible hard drive dock.

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