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Does America have it's own version of the kpop idol system?

So, I know next to nothing about the Kpop idol system. All I know is that I've heard a few bad things about how the companies treat the people who wanna become idols, and I've heard that basically, people who wanna become idols train with these companies for who knows how long and then maybe get to debut. I think this process is really interesting, and in theory, sounds like a cool idea. I especially love that they get put into groups because IDK I just think it'd be awesome to get put in a group and get to perform with people who could become your best friends. (I know it's not all gumdrops and rainbows and there's a lot of stress that comes with being an idol, I'm just saying that at its core, it seems like a cool idea) I was wondering if the US has something like this too? I know there's a lot of ways for people to get famous here, just posting covers on social media, going on shows like the X factor and other TV talent shows, but do we have something that's super close to how the kpop idol system works? Some program that could train you to become a star and maybe even put you with a group of other people who wanna sing too? 

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