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Baofeng bf-888s static?

I've recently reprogrammed my bf-888s' frequencies. But I've encountered a few problems.

When I set the n/w to wideband for all the channels. the radio plays nothing but statics. the radio is able to receive signals from other walkie talkies however. the MONI (or scan button) does nothing.

So basically, I turn on the device, plays nothing but statics (with no buttons pushed) and stops statics and play transmission from other walkie talkies (then goes back to statics again). and MONI button does nothing. Push to talk button works fine.

I've tried squelch lvl from 0 to 9. this did nothing.

And then I set all channels to narrow band. The statics stopped. and the MONI button when hold down, plays statics until its receiving transmission from another walkie talkie radio.

However, while in this narrowband mode, the receiving range is 1 bed room. I cannot even get any signal from downstairs.

but if I hold the MONI button (while under narrow band mode) the radio receives signals just fine.

Is this normal?

Is this an antenna problem?

Please help.

Thank You

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    The whole point of having a narrowband selection is to reduce static. Wideband probably produces so much noise that it overwhelms the squelch.

    Baofeng produce budget, low cost products. Good value but be prepared for issues like that.

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    • amania_r
      Lv 7
      2 months agoReport

      It may not be broken, just an unsophisticated design. Probably not intended to work on wideband as most people would want to use narrowband. Probably works OK if receiving a strong signal but on no signal, the squelch doesn't work and you get noise.

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