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Question of a really interesting electronic inventions-?

We have seen wind-up plastic toys, electronic screen games as video games, and TV with pictures and sound, aquarium fish tanks and home planetarium-projector shooting white dots to ceiling from a disk; then is there or where will we find any of these: videos/video games in 3-D screen with things seem to move really close to you & really far away from you; videos or video games that looks 3-D through to the ceiling from projector with sounds in different location-and with touch/feel simulation-some kind of wide board to feel many different things with-don't know if can be generated from vibration(& kind of magnetic force from that board or something); and a thing to watch object(pieces) move around in the-by flow of water ?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    The main reason is that not enough people would buy such things. 

    • Daniel2 months agoReport

      Then would they probably make the things like or close to these, later in the future?

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