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Eyes closing involuntarily, affecting daily life...?

 I'm a 33 year old female, gave birth December 12th, 2019, Anemic, on Depo Shot... 

Ok, so,  the past 4 months or so,  my eyes have had a tendency to close, for no apparent reason.  I'm not tired or exhausted at all.  It is effecting my driving, my work, and family life.  I cannot do things when it happens. It's kind of embarrassing when I have to make faces to try and force my eyes open. Especially when I'm driving, I feel like people probably think I'm on drugs the way I make faces and talk/cuss to myself and rub all over my eyes and such. 

My eyes feel and look red, they feel dry,  and they close uncontrollably for no reason. I have searched and found something it might be, but I just want a public opinion also before I go to the doctor for this. I don't want to seem crazy.

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  • 2 months ago
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    You have a real problem. You don't need people on the internet to confirm that. It's pretty unusual for this to happen in both eyes. Hemifacial spasms seems like the most likely possibility. From the name, it would seem most likely to only affect one side but it evidently can affect both. I had a patient that got Botox injections for hers. However shutting down the muscle completely that closes your eyes would be worse than what you have now. A neuro-ophthalmologist would be the ideal person to see. Seeing one may take months and require a referral. A neurologist would also be appropriate. I'm an optometrist and honestly, I would not do much for you besides make a referral. Tonic water contains quinine which can reduce unwanted muscle twitches. I doubt that it would do enough to take care of your symptoms but it's cheap and available on a Saturday night almost everywhere in the world. It's worth a try.

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    • I will go to the eye doctor, I need new glasses anyways, it's been about 8 years for my lenses and 5 for my frames... and I will bring these conditions up to him and see what he says. Thank you so much.

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