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 What’s some war photographers and artists? ?

I’m doing my gcse at the moment and have done a lot for in few weeks. One thing I’m falling short on  though is artists work- this just means doing your own work in the style of another artist. I really need some war photographers/ artists, so any and all ideas are welcome. Please keep it positive. 

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  • Tim D
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    6 months ago

    For a photographer then Don McCullin is a famous name, you might also look at one of the first, Roger Fenton or, most renowned, Robert Capa.

    For an artist try Frank Brangwyn, especially his lithographs. There are plenty of other war artists one that I find very moving is Charles Sergeant Jagger his bronzes on Royal Artillery Memorial are poignant for their non-symbolic realism.

  • 6 months ago

    The Vietnam War and WWII should have information up online about it. Also the Civil War did have online information as well.

  • humpty
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    6 months ago

    Matthew Brady was the major photographer of the American Civil War. Ken Burns built his television series on Brady's work. In the Second World War the greatest photographer was probably Ernie Pyle. I think a comparison of the two would allow for a discussion of how technology changed the way the art developed, pun intended.

    You can find their work on line, or in your local library.

  • 6 months ago

    For great art, google the art of Bill Mauldin in World War Two.

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