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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferencePrimary & Secondary Education · 2 months ago

why do I feel myself liking Nazis and even feel like becoming one?

In 7th grade I was introduced to the song Horst Wessel Lied by people on the bus then I found myself listening to the song along with Nazi saluting to it that continued throughout all of 7th grade when I got into 8th grade I got to know guys we got to know german ww2 songs and goose stepped to them we had a fun time to them it continued throughout 8th grade until 9th grade then some reason teachers started saying something about it to me I know I got in trouble for what I did in 8th grade by my teacher who is a Jew and had family killed by the nazis in ww2 I guess thats why throughout 9th grade I just got in trouble by all the things me and my friends enjoyed doing in 8th grade I even considered subtitle dressing up like Hitler for Halloween but I didn't in 9th grade & 10 grade now I felt myself starting to have extreme hate for Jews and feeling like what the nazis have done back in ww2 was right and Hitler didn't pick on Jews for no reason that continued throughout 9th grade when summer came I tried ways to stop feeling that way but nothing worked then in 10th grade I still listened to the songs I saw all the nazi propaganda it looked glorious I discovered Neo Nazis in 10th grade I even felt like becoming one then in 10th I felt starting to hate minority's feeling that there should just be white people I blamed it on diversity saying that they make whites feel evil instead of proud to this day I kinda struggle. but am doing better than before trying to feel proud of America 

2 Answers

  • Tom
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    Because you obviously do not know how terrible The Nazis were.  Ask our brave young men laying under white crosses and Stars of David on Normandy.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    my internal probability gauge thing is reading about 90% that your making this whole thing up, but what the hell

    what you're describing is,

    1)  a simple, youthful infatuation with the nice uniforms, the snappy songs, the cute, stimulating and invigorating dance steps ("goose stepping"), and the social camaraderie that these elements naturally build, amongst their various enthusiasts, such as, supposedly yourself


    2) the creeping, practically ubiquitous prejudice against minorities in general, which, oh, probably the vast majority of young, healthy white boys get inoculated with, to some degree or another, in the natural course of their rearing, by their forebears (who were of course, indoctrinated in their own youths, and so on)

    i think it is important to note, that 1) kind of depends on the test subject being... pretty well insulated from any real, profound understanding of, uh, just what the heck exactly these here nazis really were all about, "on the ground," as you might say.  but of course, here in our wonderful world we call america, this kind of condition is far, far from uncommon, i would say, the enormous volume of documentary and educational material about those nazis still extant, after all these years, completely, and totally, notwithstanding

    so anyway, yep.

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