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despite what history teaches us, is it true that the Jews were never slaves in Egypt? why they created this "story"? when?

and what about their supposed persecution in the later Roman Empire? were they in fact the LEADERS of the Roman Empire? the Senators, the emperors even or were they similar to medieval period where they were just the people behind the scenes controlling the leaders via money lending ? how they got this power in beginning?

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    There is no historical record that suggests the jewish people were slaves in egypt. The bible is the only document that makes such a claim, and its not a reliable source. But the whole narrative sounds better than "bunch of tribes dicking around Jordan" as an origin story

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    There were NO "Jews" until after the breakup of the original land of Israel, when King Rehoboam ascended to the throne.  The tribes of Judea and Benjamin separated from the other tribes and became a separate country called "Judea" and the term "Judeans" morphed into "Jews" in the English language.

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    Jews could not become full Roman Citizens unless they publicly worshiped the god of the genius of the Emperors. Many Jews were freed slaves or freedmen, and some of them amassed large amounts of money and consequently power. They were not people behind the scenes thus you are probably just another anti-Semite troll touting the Evil Jewish Conspiracy.

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    No.  Making up a load of baloney to suit your prejudices is pointless and immature.

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