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what happened to "The Babylonian Empire"? and when? why?


where did it expand to? how , when, why it fell?

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    The Neo-Babylonian Empire fell to the Persians whose king was Cyrus. The end of the Neo-Babylonian Empire  happened about  560 BC. It is called Neo-Babylonian because there was a previous Babylonian Empire. Herodotus provides a history of Babylon and how Cyrus conquered it in his "The Persian Wars".  Nebuchadnezzar's successor was not as able a king as Nebuchanezzar. 

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    Babylon existed as a port on the Mesopotamia for 3000 years before it became great. Kings, like Hamurabi & Nebuchadnezzar ruled a large area & several kingdoms. Part of what made it great was the administration (still taught today) & it's public works. As an Empire, it lasted from 625 to 536 BC. Cyrus The Great, Persian, ended the Empire. The books of Kings, Jeremiah, Daniel,  Genesis (10:10), and Revelation have some interesting insights.

    • I assume you mean a "port on the [Euphrates]". Mesopotamia was a region, not a river of portage. But the earliest Babylon could be considered to have become "great" is when Hammurapi reigned, c.1800BC. At that time Babylon had only existed as a small town for about 500 years, not 3,000. 

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    Why can't you just read a book fishface? Or at least a credible online article.

    The Persians conquered the Babylonian Empire in the mid-6th Century BC.

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    This is Mesopotamia and the beginning of  modern Civilisation there are stories in Greek literature of the hanging gardens and the bible the Assyrians a north Affican culture took control Nebuchanezer is a famous king it's a very complex and subject there are books that are your best option I read one so I am limited .its the scripts and archeology that are difficult to decipher you see a lot is unknown like the Greeks screw lift invention was actually being used to lift water to the hanging gardens its wonderful stuff 

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