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Flu like symptoms after strenuous workout ?

I’m a collegiate athlete and had an oral surgery done about two months ago. I started working out again 1 month ago. I never really slowly built myself back. 3 weeks ago, I did a really hard running workout and that night/next day I developed flu like symptoms including body aches, fever, chills, vomiting once, nausea. I went to the doctor as soon as I threw up. Since a bug was going around on my team, the doctor just gave me TamiFlu because according to my symptoms and exposure, I most likely had the flu. took about half the medication and started feeling better within a few days. However, I had to sit out for over a week due to my coughing and chest pain/asthma. Fast forward to this week. I started running again Tuesday and completed yet another strenuous workout yesterday. Today I woke up feeling absolutely terrible again. Body aches, stomach pain, chest pain, coughing, headache, and a low grade fever as of now. It feels like I have the flu again but I’m starting to think otherwise since these symptoms are coming coincidentally right after a very strenuous workout. I know that I am currently out of shape and my asthma has been pretty bad since my surgery from 2 months ago. I am wondering what could be the cause of my flu like symptoms, if I should go to the doctor, treatments, etc. Has this happened to anyone before?

I feel that it is preventing me from getting back into shape and I haven’t felt 100% ever since the surgery (which was a tonsillectomy by the way).

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