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how much does the moon weigh based on the earth's gravity?

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    Weight = force = mass times acceleration. Multiply the Moon's mass by the acceleration due to Earth's gravity at the Moon's distance and you have your answer.

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  • 3 days ago

    The Moon has no Weight, but it has Mass

    And that is about 1/8th of Earth's Mass

    You could hardly put either onto a set of scales

    The actual density of Saturn is less than water

    If you had an ocean big enough, Saturn would float on it

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  • 5 days ago

    the mass of the moon is

      moon mass  7.35e22 kg

    weight (if it were all on the surface of the earth, which is impossible) is 9.8 x 7.35e22 = 7.20e23 N

    but again, that is impossible.

    1. the moon would break up as would the earth.

    2. the resulting molten mass would weigh more than the earth, and the force due to gravity would be higher.

    3. the moon would no longer be a separate entity, it would be part of that molten mass.

    edit, perhaps you mean the weight in it's orbit. That is zero, as the force of gravity is canceled by the centrifugal force due to it's orbit

    or perhaps you mean the weight it would have if it stopped it's motion instantly.

    moon orbit 3.844e8 m (center to center)

    g = GM/r² = 3.98e14 / 3.844e8² = 0.00269 m/s²

    w = ma = 7.35e22 x 0.00269 = 1.98e20 N

    earth, variation of g with height

    g = GM/r²

    g is acceleration from earth attraction in m/s²

      earth radius    6,371 km = 6.37e6 meters

      earth mass M 5.97e24 kg

      earth GM = 3.98e14

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