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How can I better handle the stress of single parenting ?

I’m a full time mom and I keep a full time job. My toddler daughter is in a wonderful daycare while I’m working and when I’m home, she gets all of my time. However, I’m feeling weary and I’m feeling stretched too thin. Sometimes when I’ve had a very busy day, I will give her a little melatonin chewable to get her to sleep quicker. I feel terrible about it but sometimes my nerves are fried and I just need a moments peace. Her father lives three hours away and helps with daycare but he isn’t present to help me. Thoughts? 

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  • 2 months ago
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    Every single parent does things like that. It's all good, you are doing a great job.

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  • Glen W
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    2 months ago

    Hopefully you have a close friend with young kids who may be able to help. But if since you have a toddler, I guess your friends are aware of your situation. You may have to ask. Also, your child won't be a toddler for long.

    I got in the habit of reading to my kids at bedtime until they fell asleep. Sometimes I fell asleep with them. They are 9 and almost 7 now, and I'm still reading to them at bedtime. This is the happiest part of my day.

    Maybe bedtime isn't such a challenge for you, idk. 

    Thanks for reaching out. Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Can you afford a mother's helper maybe once a week or every other week? By mother's helper, I mean a preteen or teen to come to help out while you are at home with your daughter. During this time you could take a short nap, do chores or whatever needs to be done while someone else watches your daughter. I did this as a teenager to help family friends & I really enjoyed it. The mother often took a nap while the father did yard work. I watched their 2 young kids.

    Don't feel bad about how you feel because all parents of young kids feel this way even married couples.

    Another solution is maybe to talk to a friend who is also a single mom & you two could help each other out. One week you watch their child and the following week they will watch yours. Or do this every two weeks, whatever works best. A friend & I actually did this during the summer once when my first child was a toddler. It gave us a few hours break during the day.

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