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What are the best high fibar foods and snacks?

I would like to get more fibar into my dyit and am going growshery shopping tommorrow what are the best foods and fruites? 

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  • denise
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    1 week ago

    Bananas,  Granola bars, Oatmeal,  Brown / wholemeal toast,  Figs, Dates, Weetabix, Shredded wheat,  Celery,  Turnip,  Parsnips, Beans, Chick peas.

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  • 1 week ago

    Sawdust is chock full of fiber 

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  • 1 week ago

    I eat a low-fat diet, with minimal refined carbs and an abundance of protein. To keep my biome healthy, and be a regular guy, I often have a bowl of oat bran cereal in the evening. My favorite is a couple of tablespoons of water with a teaspoon of Splenda and a shake of salt microwaved for 45 seconds to which a square of dark chocolate, 1.5 Tablespoons of oat bran and a teaspoon of Tumeric are added. After heating another 30 seconds, I add a big dollop of peanut butter and eat my Reeces cereal.

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  • 1 week ago

    Legumes are naturally high in fiber, as well as green leafy vegetables.

    Legumes is beans of any sort.

    I will not judge you for your lack of the English language, I'm sure you speak an write your native tongue much better than I.

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  • 1 week ago

    Key ingredients in high-fiber snacking:

        Jicama (32 grams of fiber)

        Pear (7 grams of fiber)

        Avocado (5 grams of fiber)

        Almonds (3.5 grams of fiber)

        Popcorn (8 grams of fiber in 2 ounces)

        Oat bran (14 grams of fiber)

        Wheat germ (18 grams of fiber)

        Whole-grain bread (3 grams of fiber)

    Simple High-Fiber Snacks That Keep You Fuller Longer

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