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Need help with dehumidifier settings?

I recently purchased this dehumidifier but i don't really know what the indications on the settings screen mean (FA, dH, dF). The instructions manual doesn't really specifically refer to those indicators. It only refers to the 'DEHUMIDIFICATION' button as ''Continuous dehumidification'', and the 'HUMIDITY' button as ''Humidity setting''. My guess would be that 'dH' would be something like 'dehumidifying' and 'dF' defrosting because in the manual it says that it has a defrosting function also. But i don't know what 'FA' means. And also, what would be the difference if i set it to Continuous dehumidification or set it to a specific humidity percentage?

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks.

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2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    FA = Fan

    dH = Dehumidify

    dF = Defrost

    Continuous - dH runs constantly regardless of the ambient humidity

    Specified - uses an internal sensor to turn the unit on and off as required to maintain a given humidty. 

    • Anonymous1 month agoReport

      One more question. At the setting where you choose the desirable humidity percentage,when i scroll through the numbers an option appearing as "CO" comes up too. Any idea what that could mean/be?

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  • 1 month ago

    Fa is likely fan.

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    • Anonymous1 month agoReport

      Apparently it does nothing humidity wise. i put it on FA last night and it didn't lower the humidity at all.

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