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Kitty asked in PetsRodents · 1 month ago

Help my pet rat is an asshole?

I've had multiple pet rats and all of them have been sweethearts. I got this new one from an actual pet store and he's such an asshole! He bullies the other rats, biting them and drawing blood and he is terrified of me despite me working with him almost daily very carefully and persuasively. He gets treats and bribes and everything! I've had him for like half a year at this point and I can't stand him bullying the three other rats I have! Please help, if yall have any advice to make him happy or drug him so he's not an asshole or something?! 

3 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Yea, well ratties have their own personalities and hard to say it past walk of life.

    Treated badly, even a sweeheart can turn asshole.

    No doubt a bit older when you got him.

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  • Angel
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Sounds like the breeder lied to the store, this is what happens when you don’t handle the pups as young babies.

    My first litter I East told to leave them slide until they were three months old before I started handling them.  This bad advice lead to a lot of bites, the babies running from me and acting more feral than their mother (mom was supposed to be destroyed for a biology class but they had too many rats so she came home with me)while eventually I was able to handle the babies, they still had the instinct to turn and bite, they jumped or tried to run every time my hand went into the cage.

    I did find homer for them all as breeding stock for friends but I kept the mom, she was finally  super tame by now and very smart.

    On her second litter I was surprised by 12 pups, they were moved their first day and I had my hand in the cage every day, petted mom as well as touching her pups.  By the time the pups were weaned and time to desperate, all I had to do is put my hand in the cage and the pups would automatically crawl into my hand wanting to come out and play.

    It makes a big difference in how much they were handled after birth, all the noises and smells they get exposed to and all the handling, both in their cage as well as on the carpet or on the table.

    When the rats grow up they remember their early imprinting and keep that in mind for later in life when you go to handle them and they act up with biting, scratching etc.   they could be upset by traveling so much but after a full stop, a meal and a break they should be Back to their old tamed self, ready to play.  It sounds like your guy thats acting like a jerk was never imprinted and may make better breeding stock than a pet.

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  • patty
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    get him desexed

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