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Anonymous asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationHunting · 2 months ago

Why are their so many trolls in this section? ?

It's the long time none Anon users who are usually trolling too. I just read a couple questions and Everytime half the people answering are just getting pissed off the asker doesn't already know the answer. This is Yahoo answers! Asking questions is the point. If you want a hunting forum then go to a hunting forum and get off this platform.


BBean I was referring to you. Specifically in that .44 vs .44 Magnum question. What's the point in just calling users stupid for asking questions on a questions platform? I understand you aren't the only troll in this section but you are correct to assume my example was from you. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    There are a host of resident trolls, one even follows me around with TD and insults and yet to post an answer worth anything.

    Too many idiot questions, and the gunslinger wanabes.

    Real gun people can spot a legitimate question.

    I just try to help those with my 58 year heavy background with guns and ammo, not so much into the hunting, but there are a load of gun haters passing by.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Me Troll. Me no like answer questions. Me like Trolling. 

    That's what trolls do and how they think. No point in questioning it or trying to rationalize things with them. Ain't gonna work.

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  • 2 months ago

    That you ask this as an Anonymous poster - is problematic.

    Don't be so quick to judge the section - especially based on the past six months of heavy trolling stupid questions.

    There are allot of questions asked here that could have been easily answered if simply typed into yahoo or google and hit the enter key.  

    1.  "When was my gun made?" - 99 percent of the time if the company is still around its on their web site.  

    2.  "What is more powerful?" - Back in 1960's I would have needed to bike to the library and look at a Shooters Bible.  Today every bullet company, powder company, reloading company, ammo company has the answer seconds away on their web site.

    3.  "Where can I find a holster for XXXXXX.  I have looked everywhere!"  In ten seconds yahoo gives me a dozen makes, models, and places to buy them...…..again, why can't the asker type it in and hit the go key at

    4.  "I've decided to build my own AR-15, what parts and tools do I need?" - seriously - thousands of possible parts.  If the asker included 'why' they are building, 'what' they plan to use the rifle for, their 'budget' and 'experience' shooting and repairing.... maybe then we could help.  But details are never included.  

    Don't blame us for getting mad.  Many questions are like asking, "What is the best car to commute with" - I can assure you the one I would choose to drive to work in south Florida would not be the same model to commute from Eagle River to Anchorage Alaska Monday to Friday in winter.


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  • BBean
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Sooo...who`s on their platform?

    Not me...anon!

    Maybe you should look in the mirror.


      When you chose to go anonymous that decision made ALL anonymous posters just alike and for all we know you become 1, (1), uno, one...

    the same person that asks really stupid questions, however, you in particular may ask a sincere question but the other anons ask dumb ones. You chose that feature so live with it. You knew it was me that treated your question as mentioned because you plainly see my avatar. You are obviously a whiner.

    People did not like level 7 moving their questions when thought dumb or irrelevant so YA took away that "privilege" because too many L 7`s used it as a vindictive tool and I voted for it. But now when and if asked by YA I will suggest removing the anonymous feature because of too many crybabies and people using it for a shield to ask stupid questions. 

    BTW. You are the TD fairy, and because of your TD I am suffering to a moot move.

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    • Herman
      Lv 4
      2 months agoReport

      If BBean is a troll then I am the Pope. BBean is FAR from being a troll.

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  • 2 months ago

    What is frustrating is that YAHOO is failing to uphold its end of the equation. There is NO enforcement for trolling now, and the "Anonymous" posting option is a failure, no personal attack intended. If there are RULES that are established and maintained it's never an issue, but YAHOO has dropped the ball in such a blatantly uncaring way it's shameful. 

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  • L.N.
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    There is only one troll here. A little boy from Pennsylvania who has the Downs Syndrome and neglectful parents. He comes here for the male bonding he desperately wishes his father would give him, but because of the Downs he doesn't know how to act.

    • Mj
      Lv 5
      2 months agoReport

      Is that gary?

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  • Blonde
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I love wild turkey, but don’t know how to clean one once I killed it so with that doubt comes my desire just to go buy a f***ing Butterball.

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