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Hi I was given a Xbox gift card it's never been used can I sell this to cex Many Thanks?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


    CEX do not buy or sell intangible used goods. Your gift card is a tangible item but is utterly worthless. But it is a token which represents intangible funds.

    Even if CEX would buy it then they would not be able to apply their two year warranty on all purchases to it. That’s because Xbox gift cards, like almost all other gift cards and gift vouchers, have an expiry date, and that will typically come up before the CEX warranty has expired.

    You’d also get only a very small fraction of what the stored value on the card is. That’s because CEX have to allow for their profit, VAT at 20% and the discount that their buyer would expect. So a £100 stored value card would immediately only be worth £83.33 ((100/120)x100) allowing for VAT. Then deduct their profit margin which is typically AT LEAST 50% leaving £41.66, and then the discount for resale to a buyer which we’ll set at 10% for the sale of argument, so you’d be lucky to get £37.88 for a £100 value card.

    But sell it on FB Marketplace and you could get £90 for a £100 card.

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