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FAA deferred 1st medical and its timeline..?

Hello, I applied for FAA 1st class medical via MedExpress & had an exam in January 2020 in my country (FYI I am not US citizen. I am planning to go to school in US to get FAA CPL) -- AME told me that my urine had bit too much Ketone although all the other part had no issues. 

(I was stupid that I had been doing quite extreme keto / low carb diet with bit too much gym training which caused high ketone in my urine.. )

AME said its going to be just fine if I just wait for the letter from FAA, then once received, go back to regular diet with enough carb, stop working out too much specially right before the day of exam - go to regular clinic nearby and get Doctor's letter which proves that my urine has no issues. 

(not sure how this going to be afterwards, should I forward the new supporting documents to FAA, or the AME? to issue the 1st class medical certificate?)

I started to google but some articles from Reddit, yahoo answers etc etc really made me worried as some said some cases took over months..

Even FAA website says, not to call or write as this will only cause delay, or contact us if nothing happened for 60days...

does anyone have any idea how to check the current status? If I call them (or join AOPA and pay money for lawyer to contact FAA?) to expedite, does it really cause unnecessary delay in process...??

I cannot stop worrying too much..

Please help..  thank you so much

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    I suggest that you chill out and wait like your AME advised. People who lack patience, worry too much and are inflexible about changing plans do not make good pilots. You've already checked two out of three of those boxes. 

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