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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (Soccer)Other - Soccer · 2 months ago

Who to mark as a right winger in soccer? Is this my position based on description? ?

I just started playing soccer. On my old team, we'd played 4-3-3 and I would be up top what my coach would call a "right winger" because I'd be on the right and stay wide, someone in the middle and then someone on the left to make it the 3 up top. In my position, I'd sprint down the sideline into open space, cross balls or because I was fast, the middle forward would send me through balls towards the corner and I'd cut in and score myself. I've started a new team and he asked me what's my position and I said "right winger" but I think that's incorrect. Because a right winger on google says it's an attacking midfielder and I've never been a midfielder. I've always been referred to as a forward, or a striker. On this new team I don't ever get the ball and I feel lost because I don't know who I am suppose to mark on the other team. I try to stay wide because that's what a winger does but I feel lost because the ball never gets even remotely near me and I don't want to go outside my position but I really don't even know where that is. Am I really a right winger? Or should I just say forward and ask to play on the right side. 

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    2 months ago

    A right winger is, as you said, a wide player on the right. Your duties depend on what the coach tells you to do. Sometimes you have to drift inside, to get in the game, sometimes you may be told to do some back tracking, to defend when the other team has the ball on your side of the pitch. But, your main job is to  supply crosses/passes to the striker.  Maybe your new team mates do not trust your ability, so do not give you the ball. That is for your coach to sort out.

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