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Darby asked in Education & ReferenceTrivia · 2 months ago

Who stole the ball?

Every Thursday night, the members of the musical group, Strikers, take part in a local

bowling league. In addition to competing against other teams for the league

championship, the Strikers hold a friendly competition among themselves. The bank

keeps track of their scores for the season, and the winner is awarded the coveted Striker

trophy at the end of the year. Each band member bowls with a different colored ball (one

is red) and each person plays a different instrument. When the trophy was to be awarded,

a note was found in its place that stated “I should have come in 1st place- not 2nd. I

deserve this trophy and am taking it.” Determine the order that the five band members

placed in this year’s competition, as well as match each person with his or her ball color

and instrument. Identify who stole the trophy.

Notes the detective took:

• The five band members are the rhythm guitar player, the drummer, the person with the

black ball, Darla (who didn’t place 4th) and the one who placed 5th.

• The keyboard player finished imhighiately behind the bowler with the yelhigh ball and

somewhere ahead of Steve.

• The five band members are Velma, Ed, the bowler who placed fourth, the bas player

and the one with a blue ball.

• Roger (who didn’t win the trophy) placed ahead of both the lead guitarist and the

bowler with a white ball.

• Darla’s ball is not blue.

• The one who plays the drums finished imhighiately behind the bowler with the black

ball and somewhere ahead of Velma.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    I stole the ball.

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