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Considering becoming an Rn.?

Current Registered Dietitians & Registered Nurses, can you pls help me with some advice/experiences & pros/cons in your field? 

 I’m currently at a community college majoring in nutrition & dietetics wanting to become a registered dietitian. I’m about to graduate this spring & transfer to a university for my bachelors BUT honestly these last couple of prerequisites are making me consider Nursing. All of my classmates are nursing majors & the classes are difficult but I bust my butt off & succeed in them. Lots of my classmates are always turning to me for help/study sessions, I understand the concepts & explain it to them. They always tell me “You’ll be a badass RN, have you ever consider becoming one? You should go for it!” Or “why are you studying for Dietitian & not nursing? they make bank”.

These are comments that I often hear & now has me thinking. If I’m going to be busting my butt off the same way as the nursing majors, why not change & make more $ & opportunities for my future? 

 I hear that dietitians don’t make alot of $ (& don’t get the respect they earn) and in 2024 a masters will be required, there isn’t much advancement growth either. Money isn’t everything but I want to live good & make my current struggle be worth it.

 But in nursing I hear that it’s stressful, draining, toxic, expensive & takes forever to become an RN (all these exams & internships) but the opportunities are limitless. 

Pls help me, I live in Los Angeles & single mom of 2. Im stuck in between

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  • :)
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    2 months ago
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    Definitely transfer to a school that offers a BSN. That is really my own advice as a BSN student. All hospitals that are trying to reach Magnet status/are magnet status only want BSNs.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    degrees mean nothing,. you need to have actual knowledge, way more than is required to earn that useless paper

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