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Where can I find information on highschool credit requirements and how to get them ?

I went abroad for a year and want to find a way to not have to repeat junior year, I have a few Ideas on how to get the credits but I’m not sure who I can ask to verify if these are valid methods (I live in the state of California)

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  • drip
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    2 months ago

    You talk to your School and/or your school district.

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  • 2 months ago

    Consult the guidance counselor at your high school. They must evaluate your courses taken to date, determine whether courses you took abroad are equivalent & acceptable for credit, and then determine which state requirements remain to be fulfilled.

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  • 2 months ago

    The only people that can answer this question are at your school (start with the counselors). Each school district can make their own rules/guidelines for what will or won't be accepted as credit toward graduation. (Some schools may accept a summer or online program and others may not. Some might with preapproval.)

    If you disagree with answer received from your school you can take it to your school board. If you disagree with their answer, you can take it to the State Superintendent.

    Each situation is very unique so there is no way for anyone on here to properly answer this question (unless of course they are counselors or administrators within your district)

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  • 2 months ago

    You might want to check with your school, like a counselor or someone who works with credits/classes. My cousin came from Mexico in around 2014 and he was able to get his official transcripts from the last school he attended there and had them validated at the high school we went to.

    I am assuming you went to school abroad, though.

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  • 2 months ago

    From wikipedia:

    In California, students are required to take, and successfully complete the following minimum requirements to earn a high school diploma: 3 years of English, 2 years of Math including Algebra I, 3 years of History/Social Studies including one year of U.S. history and geography; one year of world history, culture, and geography; one semester of American government and civics, and one semester of economics, 2 years of science including biological and physical sciences, 1 year of either visual and performing arts, foreign language, or career technical education, 2 years of Physical Education, and Beginning in 2005–06, all students must pass the California High School Exit Examination prior to graduation, which is normally first administered in the 10th grade. Most schools' individual graduation requirements far outweigh the state's minimum standards. The California exit exam was suspended until 2018.

    This information is taken from the California Department of Education.

    "Most schools' individual graduation requirements far outweigh the state's minimum standards"- so there you go, you have to contact your school directly to figure out their minimum requirements, and remember most post secondary programs require you to have many classes besides the minimum requirements, maybe an additional science, or an extra year of math, so start planning what you need to take, and throw on top of it the stuff that is geared towards the career you want to get into. And it pays to get good grades because it is getting competitive out there, call the school you want to get into and enquire about the competitive average they are accpeting applicants into the program with, if you don't meet the competitive average they won't give you a seat, and the competitive average is really what your working towards, not the minimum average, the minimum average doesn't get you anywhere.

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