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Ps4 doesn't read discs anymore?

So i had my ps4 for 2 years (slim version) and everything works fine

I bought nba 2k18 and installed it and i launched the app normally

Mid way through the introduction of the game it froze and a notification read that the cd might be damaged or something along those lines 

So i removed the cd, cleaned it, it looked fine not a single scratch i put it back in my ps4 and it doesn't recognize there's a disc while the disc is turning and making noises

I put some of my other games that used to work fine and they are also unreadable 

Is there any suggestions i can do to fix this?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    First thing to try is cleaning the laser lens using a lint-free swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol mixed with distilled water. 

    You can buy cleaning kits for optical drives which have the correct materials.

    The optical drive lens can quickly get dirty in any home where the console is close to the kitchen or where anyone smokes in the home (or burns scented candles or incense sticks).

    If that fails then the laser head assembly needs changing. They can and do just fail, two years usage is certainly very early but it can happen anytime after the day the unit leaves the factory.

    Have a look on YouTube. There are plenty of tutorials and the parts are VERY cheap, especially if you order directly from Chinese suppliers (but you have to wait what is typically between ten days and a few weeks for delivery). Or if you don’t feel confident then ask for prices for a professional repair. You can ask local repair shops but also check with Sony directly as they offer a fixed price repair service with warranty on all repairs. Sometimes they don’t charge for the job if they discover the fault was caused by poor materials or manufacturing errors.

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