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is God for Israel ?

why did God choose Israel? Why is there a war between Israel and Palestine? and who is right? 

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    Abraham was an incredibly faithful servant of God through whom the generational line that led to the Christ was prophesied to descend. That line represented the ancient nation of Israel.

    Since that prophecy was fulfilled and since the human death of Christ, the ancient nation of Israel and the generational records have been destroyed. Thus there is no way, today, for anyone to prove that they descend from one of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel.

    What is called "Israel" today is a political nation of the world created through the efforts of three other worldly nations - namely France, Russia and the United States. Presumably wars continue in that area over discrepancies over "who" rightfully owns "what" since the actions of the three so called political "super powers".

    According to the Bible, none of the political nations of the world represent the true God in any way. Jesus himself withdrew into the wilderness when some of his followers conspired to involve him in the politics of the day. He taught people to look to God's kingdom to solve the problems we have on the earth. He also said of his true followers, "They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world." (John 17:15, 16)

    True Israel Now Restored

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    Those being called Israel are not the true Israelites. The true Israelites fled during the 70 AD destruction.

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    God doesn't break covenant and He made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and He changed Jacob's name to Israel.  In the Holy Bible God declares that Jerusalem is His and the Jewish people are the only humans on earth with a 

    God-given deed to their land.  The rest of us own nothing because God has said that the earth is His and all that is in it.  Jesus the Christ was born of a Jewish mother with God as His Father.  And Jesus said, "I and the Father are One."  Jesus said, "If you've seen me, you've seen the Father."  The Bible declares that not all who call themselves Jews are Jews.  Why are Jewish Palestinians fighting against Israel?  Because they have chosen the way of Islam and the false god Allah.  If the Jewish Palestinians knew the God of the Holy Bible and Jesus, they would be fighting for Israel instead of against it.

    No where in the Bible does it say that God broke covenant with Israel, but Israel did break away from God as we all have done time after time.

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    Thor? Odin? Zeus? For Israel?

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    Modern Israel is NOT God's chosen people.

    All that ended thousands of years ago when they broke the covenant they had agreed to where God said they would be his treasured possession IF they obeyed him; they quit obeying him (Ex 19:3-8; Jer 31:31-32).  Today, Christians are God's chosen people (1Pet 2:9).

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    YHVH GOD is for Israel. However He God is for all those who choose His way in Messiah Yeshua. Who is right or wrong is a complex situation. There has always been war in Israel.

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    Very mich so!  The Bible even has/predicts  the time after WW2 that Israel would be made again. 

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    God chose Abraham and his descendants through Isaac and Jacob. Most people are unaware that DNA tests have proven that the Palestinians are Jewish. It is the "elite Jews" that do not want the "common Jews" among them.

    A few “Inconvenient truths” about political Zionism.

    Following are a number of undisputed facts which the political Zionists try to keep hidden from the public at all costs:

    First... I am NOT antisemitic. I am Jewish, from the tribe of Simeon. I am anti-evil however.

    Political Zionists are modern day Pharisees. Read what Yeshua said to, and about, the Pharisees. Mat 5, Mat 16, Mat 23, Luk 11, etc...

    Political Zionists had the opportunity to get millions of Jewish people out of Europe just prior to and during the early phase of WW II but refused to spend the little money it would have taken to get each one of them out. In truth they didn't want "their land" polluted with "common Jews". Rather they spent large sums of money to get a small number of their "elite" Jewish friends out of Europe.

    Political Zionists control Israel and the United States of America politically and financially.

    Political Zionists support and encourage the LGBTQ agenda. Tel Aviv is the LGBTQ capitol of the world.

    Political Zionists support and encourage abortion even at the very moment of birth.

    Political Zionists have decimated the Christian communities throughout the middle east and now have their sites on the Christian community in Iran.

    The few Christians that yet remain in the middle east refuse to meet with or even speak to political Zionists.

    Political Zionists refuse to allow Christians from Gaza or other surrounding areas to visit any of the Holy sites in Israel.

    Political Zionists consider American Christians "useful idiots", but keep it to themselves as they love the deceived Christians who give them their money.

    Political Zionists love to use the American military to do their bidding and promote their agenda globally which includes, but is not limited to, the elimination of the Christian communities in "their land", the middle east.

    Political Zionists are in league with the Vatican and those that have bowed down to the Pope. Pope Francis IS the "false prophet" spoken of in the book of Revelation. Is that really someone anyone godly should be associating with much less in league with?

    Political Zionists are in league with the Chabad.

    The Chabad promotes the seven “Noahide” lies, oops I mean “laws” which were invented by Jewish rabbis and have no scriptural basis. These Noahide lies will be among the “mark of the beast” laws imposed on people globally.

    The seven Noahide lies first “law” is that there is only one God. Under this first law Christians are considered polytheists and the penalty for this blasphemy is beheading. Political Zionists likewise consider Christians to be polytheists.

    Political Zionists are in league with fallen angels, “aliens” as they believe them to be.

    Political Zionists believe they are of the same race as the “aliens” and that they created humanity, an inferior race to be dealt with as dogs.

    Political Zionists have access to very advanced technology through these “aliens” and are using it to further their agenda, the agenda of Satan.

    Political Zionists refuse to acknowledge that genetic tests have proven the Palestinians, and many others, to be Jewish.

    Political Zionists are attempting to fulfill prophecy as they believe it should be fulfilled – by them.

    Political Zionists have not fulfilled ANY prophecy. ALL the land has not been restored, and ALL the people have not been brought back to the land. This will NOT be fulfilled until after the Gog/Magog war when the political Zionists are removed and then it will be fulfilled by God.

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