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Parapsychology: Do brain injuries to whole hemispheres causing sensory cancellation prove their is no SPIRIT?

How can the Spirit perceive without sensory organs and brain matter?


Does sensory cancellation eliminate awareness/consciousness? Why can the hemispherically impaired be aware of left and right when their eyes are closed? MIT INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY. Thank you.

Update 2:

Is the Mind's Eye the Seat of the Spirit?

6 Answers

  • Mr. P
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    It is possible to step out of body and have an OBE without it. Under anaesthetic people do report such events.

     I have been out several times. Some during practice to do this, once by mistake, twice when I was attacked so I didn't feel anything.

    I would suggest that with a serious brain injury the body is still alive but an unsuitable host to the spirit. So the spirit would be free to leave.

    I've seen people where the lights are on but nobody is home.

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  • Jesere
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    The Mind is our Spirit, the Brain is physical. The brain is akin to a radio getting signals from the mind. The signal still exists even when the radio is broken. Out of body experiences do not use the brain, it's the mind, however, in my experience I still perceive of having a body, just not a physical one.

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  • 2 months ago

    I would redirect the question to the Philosophy section, where people interested in Platonic Idealism answer.

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  • It doesn't quite prove that there is no spirit, but it certainly shows that you need to have your brain functioning properly to be 'yourself'. .

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  • 2 months ago

    The spirit will stay until the body is dead.

    You may think that the body and spirit is a can full of a soup you can buy in a supermarket. The spirt is not even connected to the body - your spirit can move around (until 5G radiation will stop our connection ). The spirit will disconnect after 48 hours after death. Keep in mind that our bodies only exist here in our macro world. In other sizes, we are only molecules, energy and informations connected by unknown power/energy....since aeons.

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  • 2 months ago

    If you want to prove something with the help of science you must define the "thing" you want to prove and predict the effects. In general people wants to believe in spirit despite it cannot be proven, but you can try to be scientific nevertheless.

    If for you a spirit is a king of conscientiousness independent of the brain, and making us able to perceive things independently of the brain, you have proven this spirit doesn't exist.

    I don't believe either in a "spirit" independent of the body, neither in a "spirit" flying in the air alone and ready to adopt a body.

    I believe in empathy and common knowledge and values, but it's different.

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