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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 2 months ago

Help me analyze what I did wrong/right with this girl?

I was texting a girl I like about some problems she had at work and she said she was very scared about her relationship with her boss. She then asked if I had time to talk and give her advice on whats going on with her situation? I was happy she asked me to talk because she doesn't open up to other guys or talk on the phone with guys. So I thought I made a breakthrough. However, I thought I would end up in friendzone by listening to her problems so I said this:

"lol i need to be drunk to give best advice. maybe we can talk later"

I then talk to a guy friend for one hour and realized that maybe I should talk to this girl.

I then called her and she didn't pick up. Half-an hour later she texted back that she was sorry she missed my call and that she was on phone with her mom and she is drained but maybe would tell me later when she was not drained.

I made up a bs reason that I had to talk to someone when she asked me and she never responded.

Guys/girls why did she suddenly not want to talk after initally suggesting it and did I **** up here by not immediately talking to her?

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  • Ana
    Lv 6
    2 months ago
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    You didn’t f*uck anything up bcuz she didn’t have any sexual attraction or romantic attraction to you to begin with. You had no chance with her no matter what you said. She just wanted attention, emotional support, and free advice. 

    Most smart guys actually get physically ANGRY when girls try to use them for attention and emotional support- especially by her asking about another guy! It’s demeaning, and it’s offensive. It’s a slap in the face. They’re clearly saying “Hey you’re not worth breeding with, but I want to waste your time with BS and prevent you from acquiring wealth.” It should offend you and you should block and ignore her.

    If you want girls to want to f*uck you, marry you and have your babies, then you either need to become more physically attractive, earn a higher income, OR if you can’t manage either of these, lower your physical standards.

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    • Ana
      Lv 6
      2 months agoReport

      Next time she talks to you you should be like come over and have a drink and we can talk about it ;) and if she says “nah I can’t” or makes an excuse, then be like “Ok well f*uck off then, Time wasting azz b*tch” 

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  • 2 months ago

    No offense but you sounded kind of mean. If someone is trying to vent to you you don’t say all oh I can’t right now unless I’m drunk maybe later. Sounds like she can’t go to you to vent. 

    And you shouldn’t be worried about being friend zoned if you can’t just be a friend. Nonetheless, if you really liked her you would want to know what was wrong and how she felt. Not pretend to be doing something and texting her back later and getting into this mess. Tell her how you feel. Give her a little space Text her or tell her in person. Hey I’m sorry I was a dick earlier. I am always here to talk. I really like you and I didn’t wanna mess up the fact that you wanted to vent to me. 

    Girls appreciate honesty. If she likes you back then she will totally appreciate it. if you end up being friendzoned it’s unfortunate but At least you will have a friend. If not she’s not someone that doesn’t deserve you and you will find better. You acting like a jerk won’t get you anywhere. At least her thinking you were a jerk won’t get you anywhere. And at least you learned something for the future if this girl doesn’t accept. Nonetheless, if she isn’t single and is using your for emotional support (which girls LOVE to do) then you’re being manipulated. At that point she’s not a good person and you DO NOT need to be hung up on her

     Best wishes

    • ICE2 months agoReport


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  • 2 months ago

    Its hard to answer this without knowing something about BOTH people.  She is MORE confident than you, just No People Skills or are you good with people, just NOT her because she is Special to you.

    Mistakes are the best teacher we have.  We always the right thing to do AFTER we have done the wrong one.

    Most mistakes "with people" are made by NOT DOING something.  

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