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What is all this means in picture below i need help to understand all this tests about chemical.?

This is chemical specification i have idea of IBP and Density only, i need help in all remaining please guide me.

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  • 2 months ago
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    "I.B.P." must be "initial boiling point" and "F.B.P. must be "final boiling point".

    The percent Evaporated" numbers are the boiling points after the stated percent of the sample has evaporated.  (Clearly we are dealing with some sort of mixture here.)

    "Dry.PT" must be the "dry point temperature".  (see paragraph 5.3 on page 83 in

    for the definition of "dry point".

    "Residue" is the percent by volume of what is left over after the liquid has evaporated.

    A value of "30" for a Saybolt colour means that the liquid is clear like water.


    I presume "Merchantable" for "Odour" means that it is not so offensive that people won't buy it.  See the second paragraph of for what "merchantable" is.

    "FL.PT Tag" is apparently the flash point temperature.

    See for the definition of "flash point".

    I'm not sure about the details of "Corrosion" but the second paragraph under "Introduction" at

    suggests the scale goes from 1 to 4.

    "Sulfur total" is telling the ratio (by mass) of sulfur atoms (in whatever compounds) to the mass of this liquid.  (730 ppm = 0.073% by mass)

    The "Doctor. test" "positive" tells you the liquid contains sulfur compounds.  See

    for what the Doctor test tests.

    Looking back on the flash point and the "%Evaporated" temperatures and supposing this liquid is some sort of petroleum distillate (because of the presence of the Saybolt colour test) I would guess it to be some kind of naptha.

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