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Can I request more tax be deducted?

I have to withdraw from my RRIF. I understand the minumum amount MUST be withdrawn. I want more tax taken off than the minimum withholding. Can I ask for more tax to be deducted? A lot of things I read say this can be done, but I'm not sure. Thanks


This is in regard to Canadian Registered Retirement Investment Funds. better known as RRIF's.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I would just take the money and then send any additional tax I want to the IRS using form 1040-ES.  You can ask the company but I have no idea if they are set up to withhold more tax like you can do with an W-4. 


    • Kookai2 months agoReport

      Sorry....this is pertaining to CANADIAN Registered Retirement Investment Funds.

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