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What computer should I get?

I'm not very familiar with computer brands, parts and specs despite needing one for daily use. Can you recommend me any specific models that suit my needs?

Purpose: gaming, digital art, typing

Budget: $500 max for a lone system unit, can stretch slightly if everything is included. This will be my limiting factor and I know it is a pretty sad amount, just tell me the closest I can get to the specs I want for this price.

Memory space: 1 terabyte

Ram: 8 - 16 GB

Windows 7 - 10

Can handle DirectX version 11

Can support a 1080p monitor or includes one.

If screen is included, not less than 15 inches.

The games I want say I need the following at the minimum. If these are pathetic levels that will give me trouble, and I can get more for my money (though I doubt it), please adapt them!

NVIDIA GeForce GTX770 (2GB)

Intel i5-2500

Laptop or desktop?: I like portability but the built-in graphics cards and batteries of my last laptops spooked me from them. If you can assure it won't be a problem, laptop it is. Otherwise, desktop with separate system unit please.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Get yourself a Dell precision workstation m 4600 or m 4700 with a 2gig Radeon firepro 8 gigs or more of RAM a 2.9 or faster i7 and a solid state drive you'll pay less than $350 for this laptop on eBay. You will find many Dell desktops on eBay that have eight gigs or more of RAM a 3.2 quad core and a 2gig graphics card or better for under $400. Call me on my cell phone Statesboro PC Doctor and I'll help you get hooked up what's a good computer without a bunch of flashy lights on it that can do the job. Without costing you a crapload of money

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  • GTB
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Skip the gaming need and your computer power goes down. Find healthy recreation that adds exercise to your life. Spend ~ $600 and you are fine.

    • Luzi2 months agoReport

      Nice assumption there, buddy. My lack of computer know-how should make it obvious that I am not a big-time gamer. Sadly, wanting even just one new game requires that you buy a high-end computer. Don't randomly assume someone's fitness level again, it's rude and does nothing to answer my question.

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