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Does anyone know what could be wrong with my car? ?

So I bought a 2007 Chevy Equinox and nothing seemed to be wrong with it, but when I went to drive it on the freeway today it started shaking really bad and the speedometer went crazy and stopped working correctly. It also seemed to get worse the longer I drove. I  then had to get a ride to work and when I got back home I drove my car around the block and everything seemed to be working fine again! I think it might have been overheating, but the temp gage doesn’t work at all. There’s also no check engine lights at all. It says the airbags need maintenance and that the tire pressure needs to be checked, but nothing else. I’m having a mechanic come and look at it in a few days, but I’d really like to know some possibilities so I can see about how much it’ll cost to fix it. 

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    It sounds like it is very likely going to be more than one problem.

    Some possible issues would include - 

    Might need a basic tune-up - you would be surprised how rough a car can run when it needs new spark plugs.  (can feel like shaking depending on the situation)

    Might need ball bearings - could cause issues with vibration (shaking) when driving

    The tire indicator might be right - you might need air in the tires (or new tires)

    Some of the issues sound like shorts in the electrical system or maybe fuses that need changed.  (indicator lights not working might be a fuse - people who want to hide issues with vehicles sometimes cover indicator lights with black tape or if the indicator lights are on a separate fuse - they will pull that fuse.  The black tape trick only works on certain kinds of dashboards.)

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    2 months ago

    It will cost what it will cost.  Suck it up. If you get a good mechanic he will find all the problems. Speedo cable is probably broken.  It happens. Overheating has NOTHING TO DO WITH STEERING AND SHAKING.  When you do not have a temperature gauge, there is a red check light (we call the idiot light) because if it came on, you are the idiot for not checking your vehicle BEFORE YOU DROVE IT.

    That is akin to riding a dead horse.(Maybe checking that it got food & water and it would still be alive?)  It is too vague to guess at.

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    These GM trucks like this and the new Traverse models are riddled with electrical issues and bad wire harnesses.  If the alternator and or battery is going bad it really messes these cars up.  But on my truck, the wire harness under the fuse box gets loose and heats up so it makes intermittent connection problems and all the dash lights go crazy and do a few odd things sometimes till I pushed on fuse box and harness under it.

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    10 months ago

    Can only guess here but sure sounds like you have a problem in the wiring harness, the cluster or both. Have them checked but be aware, it can cost between $1200 and $1800 to repair unless something simple. 

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  • 10 months ago

    If the temperature gauge doesn't work right the first thing you should do is check the coolant level in the radiator.Don't drive it until a mechanic looks it over.

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    The mechanic will test drive the car and see if the problems you mention are duplicated.  He will likely check for trouble codes and do a basic tune up first.  He will look at the scanner and check if the temp gauge is a gauge or sensor problem.  We can only guess what the mechanic will find out.

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    The shaking could have been wheel balance. Wheels that are out of balance feel fine at low speeds but vibrate at higher speeds. If you actually sped up, the shaking would have gone away again. 

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    10 months ago

    So go to a mechanic, you moron. Seriously, what is it with you people asking for legal/medical etc crap that can only be diagnosed in real life, not over a computer screen? Also stop getting butthurt about people telling you the truth. If you had done what the other answerer said, you would have COMPLETELY avoided this problem in the first place, meaning you wouldn't have to post a question about it and end up getting grilled by the common sense police.

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    10 months ago

    Quote: "nothing seemed to be wrong with it"


    The problem is that you're a dumbass and failed to perform a proper pre-buy inspection. When you know so little about cars you should have had a shop check it over first. 

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