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What is the additional information after immigrant visa approval for?

My husband had an interview on Jan 29 and counselor officer took his passport and told him that he approved and they will send his passport back within 2 to 5 days In United kingdom at US embassy for immigrant Visa,  but after 2 days we received an email that they need additional information and sent us a form to complete and email it back by adding " following on form your interview for an immigration Visa,  your application has been refused under section 221(g) of the immigration and nationality act,  pending additional administrative processing". And they sent us 10 questions that we need to fill out and return it back. And I completed and emailed it back and I got this email from them which is "thank you for your recent submission,  your case is pending completion of administrative processing and we will contact you once it is completed " my question is it's been 8 days his passport is in US embassy . What do you think about this interview,  are they going to give him his passport with visa or we have to wait several days or even months for background check??? If they took his passport and said he approved so why did they refuse his case?? They could refuse after interview without taking his passport.  Btw our visa status shows administrative processing. It's very confusing to hear that you approved but after they tell you about refusing,  do you think they will return his passport with no visa . Pls if anyone knows information or have an experience help us. Thanks

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    Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides for temporary refusal of visa when an otherwise qualified visa applicant is found to be lacking a specific document, or when a consular officer determines that additional “security clearance” is appropriate and needed.

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    Obviously they have found something that you were trying to conceal. Only you know what that is. When you get in that situation, they don't have any sympathy for your inconveniences that you created for yourself. If you want answers get someone who can ask them questions. Like an immigration attorney.

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