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Is Russia a cool place for Americans to visit/ live?

Or would you just get robbed and kidnapped?

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    Being in Russia every year since 1991, USSR, and the "mafia 1990s" are over with President Putin at the helm, Russia is very safe on the streets. Most violent crime is domestic and in very low-class homes. "Normal" people live quietly and peacefully. There is an element of respect people have. Laws say no noise (drilling into concrete walls to modify your apartment or to hang a picture, loud music) after 11pm or so. Never do people "work" after 9pm making noise. SometimeI park the car and scrape snow from the garage and HOPE my late night scraping is not bothering people.

    Sure, hooliganism exists, but I am more at ease in Russia than in USA, Texas. People in Russia just don't "mess" with others.

    There is another American living in our apartment (60 flats) building. So, l am not alone in my choice of country... 750 miles from Moscow...

  • Anonymous
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    I don’t think that living in Russia is a great idea ... far from excellent. I have been to this country at least seven times. Colorful. I especially liked their ethnic souvenirs. I bought a Cossack hat and, most importantly, found a cool half-meter . Threw out smaller dolls and hide brandy from my wife there.

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    I was in Russia last spring. I did not get robbed or kidnapped. HOWEVER, I have never been given so many warnings about what to carry, what not to carry, and where to carry things. And everyone was very concerned that I never get in a taxi that hadn't been called for me. They would give me the driver's name AND the license plate number. Apparently, that's the big risk of being kidnapped. While the people I met there were lovely, there's no denying that there is a high crime rate. Evidence of that was the prominent presence of security guards everywhere, in all the stores. They wouldn't be there if there wasn't a problem. 

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    I would highly recommend going with an organized, guided tour. 

    Unless you are independently wealthy attend university on a student visa, Marry a Russian citizen, or have a job offer from a company that can + will sponsor you for a work visa there is no realistic way you to stay in Russia long-term 

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  • Pearl
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    i dont see why not

  • Anonymous
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    Most IikeIy none of the above, especiaIIy if you stick to busy sightseeing areas.

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