Is there any term same meaning as "corruption" but use it in good way?

I'm thinking, I noticed some very good people even do corrupt the system or rules for good cause to prevent general public from suffering. Or helping little people to success.

Is there another word or term to use? That are corrupt but do it in positive way?

Example: police caught homeless people setting tents up at church backyard. It's illegal to have tents even on private property. The church priest bribe police and politicians to leave them alone so homeless have place to sleep and also use church restroom and shower.

Example 2: you are one of origination helping handicap's rights. So your goal is want to help handicap children to enroll sports team. Let say coach and principal doesn't allow handicap to join the team because it limited team performance to win the game also cost school alot of money. So you did something like bribe or things just so they will permit disability children to have equal opportunity.

Example 3: doctor noticed father of huge family is suffering and need operations but can't because health insurance reject it. Instead doctor try to make friend with insurance agents and offering them privately exchange to save father life so father can get back home to take care 7 children at home.

Is there other term which is corruption but for good cause?

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  • 10 months ago
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    NO. Corruption is INHERENTLY bad. Some actions that are CALLED corruption are not actually corruption.

    In your first example, the church wouldn't bribe anyone, they would use the money to LEGALLY help the needy.

    In your second example, it wouldn't help ANYONE to try what you suggest. In fact, it would ACTIVELY HARM those it purports to help.

    In your third example, the doctor would merely WAIVE their fee. In any case, the insurance agent SELLS policies, but CAN'T approve payments for specific treatment.

    In ALL cases, your premise is DEAD WRONG.

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