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When did conscription (mandatory military service) end in your country, if ended?

Hi all! I am from Argentina and it ended when in 1994, a private was beaten to death by superiors, there was such a public outcry that then President Carlos Menem decided to put an end to it.

I am thankful to former President Menem because I'm 19 and would not have liked the service lol. 

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    I live in Canada.  We did have conscription at the ends of WWI, and WWII, but, Canada has NEVER sent conscripts to war - unless they later volunteered.  We have an all volunteer military, which seems to work well for us.

  • Anonymous
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    1973 in the US, it's been an all-volunteer military since then.

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    In the Netherlands everyone has to do 2 years of service. In the USA our draft stopped years ago.

  • John
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    I don't remember America - you could look it up if you need real dates. In 1970 I was 18, it was the Vietnam war. At 18 you register for the draft here. At the time it was a lottery. They drew the 365 days of the year and if your birthday was that day then that was your time. Early draws first and then on till the last draws. I was in the last third but I also had other reasons so I didn't go. Sometime after that and after the war ended we went to all volunteer. Mostly 18 year old men still have to register with the draft, I guess. But it's still all volunteer.

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    Canada does not currently have conscription. Although some countries have mandatory military service (e.g., Switzerland, Sweden, Israel), it is unlikely that Canada will reintroduce the draft. During the First and Second World Wars, conscription created deep divisions in the country. This experience has contributed to deep unease about the practice among Canadians.

    Source(s): The Canadian Encyclopedia
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    In the UK, it finally ended in 1960. Only those who had delayed their National Service were called up after 1957.

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