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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsMarriage & Divorce · 2 months ago

Why did the judge call me unreasonable, and tell my ex to make sure he files temporary custody orders? How do I get a new judge USA NEVADA ?

My baby 4 months and the judge got mad cause i ain't let my ex see my newborn baby. I told the judge he treated me bad while i was pregnant, and she said that has nothing to do with him being a parent to your newborn. And she told him 3 different times to make sure he file temporary custody orders. Then she said im being unreasonable what do i do to get a new judge

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  • 2 months ago
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    It is very hard to get a new judge.  Because divorces can be so messy, complicated, and if either the husband or wife is not play by the rules, then it is easier for 1 judge to know what are all the facts.  So the courts likes to keep the same judge from beginning to end.   As for your child, I know some women think because they carried the baby for 9 months  they have more rights then the father. and think they have control in deciding if and when the father can see his child.  Not so.  Because the courts think of the child first and foremost, unless there is abuse or neglect by a parent father or mother, to the child, the courts does not like to hear, one parent prevented the other parent from seeing his or her child, especially if it was court ordered.  If your husband or father of your child abused or hit you, it was wrong, and if you reported it, and have documentation of some abuse or violence against you, then you could have asked the judge for a order of protection, and ask for a 3rd party evaluation to maybe get supervised visitation for the first 3-6 months.  But if you did not report any abuse, before, it did not happen.  Although  working in the court system as a volunteer as an abuse counselor, I have seen both the mother, and father of a child, who is mad, hurt, or vengeful against the other for many reasons, interffer with the visitation of the child's.  Where there was no abuse.  The courts look at what is best for the child.  And unless there was violence, abuse reported during the pregnancy, or to the child, after the child was born, the courts says, both parents have equal rights to spend time with the child.  And if there is an order for a parent to see his or her child every other weekend, You better not stop it. Even if it is true he abused you, during your marriage, as wrong as that was,  it is looked at all parents can make mistakes, and get help.  If they are abusive, abuses drugs or alcohol, both parents are given a chance to get better.  So if there is evidence of abuse or violence before, then supervised visits are ordered.  If not then the parent who does not have the child living with them, must do everything they can to make sure the other parent gets to spend some time with the child.  There must have been a court order and you ignored it, prevented the father from seeing his child, more then once.  Any parent does not have the right to prevent the other parent from seeing their child unless you can prove  abuse, neglect, or some kind of violence towards the child.  

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  • Tj
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    You are being unreasonable. He has just as much rights to see HIS child as you. The judge saw something in/with you, in order to tell him to file. No new judge for you.

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  • Janet
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    2 months ago

    Legally, you CANNOT refuse to let your ex see HIS baby. You are in violation of the law, and very lucky the judge was kind enough to NOT fine you or throw you in jail.

    So what if he treated YOU badly (it IS "badly", not "bad") while he was with you. That does not invalidate his legal right to have access to his child.

    The next judge might be far less lenient with you. But they will not not support your actions.

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