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i need major help trolls only serious question about my gaming computer?

first of all, the game sea of theives i have on here is not working when trying to launch it. and its from he microsoft store and is played by windows 10 so i uninstalled it and now i cant find out where to even go to reinstall it.

problem number 2: i tried to disabled or reset alot of apps on this pc like steam and after it restarted and all it wont even let m click on steam or a steam game without saying i need to reinstall it proof that im the real owner. something about adminstions and prevligious were at the end of the message i got.

WHAT DO I DO? this is stressing and i have a severe anxiety disorder

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  • 4 months ago
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    You give no clues on your hardware, so no guessing about that.

    The only suggestions possible are contact the people who do the games distribution for Microsnot and Steam.

    • michael4 months agoReport

      its an HP brand PC. and i think i rebooted the steam app or whatever because its not letting me click on steam or any steam games without having a message pop up bassicly wanting me to confirm that im the owner. yet when i click on "ok" its still not installing anything

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  • 4 months ago

    Try restarting the Microsoft Store application itself.

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