Why is this person trying to hack me?!?!?

I’ve asked this question before and got some answers to ease my mind but more has happened and now I’m getting pissed. Back when I first got a phone (13) I always got calls asking for the same person. Fast forward now I’m in my 20’s and still receive calls for this person. Not long ago I believe I got a call from the guy himself and he asked what my name was and where I’m from. I answered neither. Fast forward about a week and I’m getting google alerts that this person is trying to hack my email. Also my phone has randomly shut off out of nowhere and turned right back on.

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  • 9 months ago
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    Visit your local police department and ask to speak with an officer.  Show them what you have written here and give them your phone so they can examine it for signs of tampering and then you can give them access to your email so they can check that out also.  Let them know you are scared of what may happen next and ask them what you should do.

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    9 months ago

    so change your phone number.

    honestly, these new things sound like paranoia. what was the EXACT message from Google? was it an email or in an app or website? if it was in an email, it was likely a scam. Google has no idea if someone is hacking you. and if ghey were hacking google servers, they would catch and sue them. i think you are misunderstanding what they're saying to you.

    changing your phone number (and maybe email password) should fix your problems.

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