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physics problem w/ water help?


A thin stream of water flows vertically downward. The stream bends toward a positively charged object when it is placed near it. The positively charged object is then removed. What will happen to the same stream of water when a negatively charged object is placed near it? Explain.

my take: it would also bend in the same direction, right? due to the neutral charge reacting w/ any charge?

I am not exactly confident & just don't want to lose any more points :( thank you!

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    It will bend toward both items, but not because it is neutral.  

    Water is polar molecule,  the Hydrogen causes + charge on one 

    side and the Oxygen side has a negative charge.  

    So opposite sides of the water are attracted to the item.  

    A neutral non-polar liquid would not bend away or toward the items. 


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