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Big 3 Upgrade ?

I have a 2015 Accord LX-S, I just upgraded my subs to 2 kicker 12” CVX wired down to 1ohm, so my amp is pushing out about 1500wrms @1ohm. Before I had two 12” kicker CompR @2ohms, was getting about 900wRMS. The battery for this car isn’t big enough and then with my system it drains it even faster. My battery was ok but when I installed the new subs my battery died. I’m guessing the amp uses more power since it’s @1ohm load. In the past I replaced a few batteries cuz the system will drain the battery. My question is, will doing a Big 3 upgrade stop that? Will it stop causing my battery to drain faster than it should? Is the big 3 upgrade worth it? Thanks. 

4 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    NO, Installing a high output alternator will stop that. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Do you play it with the engine off all the time?

    With the engine on you can't kill the battery unless the alternator is already dead.

    Is it the original battery (5 yrs old)?

    If it is, it's due for replacement anyway and your amp probably wasn't completely to blame.  A big sub amp does make life more difficult for your electrical system, but wouldn't just kill the battery (or alt) immediately.

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  • The battery is only there to start the engine. When the engine is on, the alternator becomes the power source and takes over your system and other electronic equipment in your car. You will need to upgrade to a 160 amp alternator, replace the battery and do the big 3 upgrade.

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  • 2 months ago

     Your entertainment overtaxes what you have. Use less power or install a 2 kilowatt alternator. Remember, the rest of the car needs power to run. The proof is a dead battery. You cannot get more power out of a system that you put into it. 

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