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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 4 months ago

did the Nazis really consider the Slavic people a inferior race that needed to be 1. exterminated or 2. enslaved? why?

I have been to Russia and the people looked pretty "white" to me. but was wondering where the Nazis were coming from. what made them "Slavic" and not "Aryans"?

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    4 months ago
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    Gnat Sees have White'nesses

    If Te'-man is in Edom, and the grandson of Esau (God despises)

    Edin לבדוק

    Teman (Hebrew: תמין) Edom

    Christian – Eden

    Since when did the Babbeling 'Can' The Amalektites (Am A Like Titties), and the Edom-Ites leave Egypt, Yerope or the United State?

    Canaan (Son of Ham) N3groid fornication.

    The Edom-ites birth of Esau

    The Amalektites 1513 B.C.E, camped at Rephidim - Remphan - Rapha - Morman polygamist

    Pharaoh's (Genocide) decree between 1391–1271 BCE (Used the name of Moses)

    Philistines 12 & 13th century

    Assyrians 8th century BC

    Neo-Babylonian Empire - Nebuchadnezzar II 604 BC – 562 BC – (Genoicide)

    Persian Zarathushtrian conquerors 500 BCE

    Rome 63 BCE, Fascism (Genocide)

    Then the Muslim Ottoman empire.

    The English 1200's Expelled

    The Spanish 1300's

    The Germans, 2nd world war, Fascism (Genocide)

    Spanish civil war

    NATO/West - Curve ball bullshit hiding behind technology - Rising fascism - Jew watch websites, Nornication - The United State

    Myraja KnewChef

  • 4 months ago

    In his writings (Mein Kampf), he considered Slavs to be almost as inferior as Jews.  He planned to either turn them into slaves or exterminate them.  During the war, Nazis did send some Polish and Russian civilians to the death camps, but it was not a top priority.

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