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Should I upgrade my iphone 10x max for the regular Iphone 11?

If I upgrade I wont be able to get the pro version of the 11, should i just keep my iPhone or upgrade to the new one? If you have any pros or cons please let me now, thank you.

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    10x max hands down, it has a more premium design and has a way better screen. the sub 1080p lcd screen of the 11 cant hold a candle to the higher resolution oled hdr capable screen of the iphone xs max. The 11 is  the replacement for the 10R. 

    10XS max pros

    -Way better screen

    -premium design

    - telephoto lens camera for optical zoom

    -3d touch

    11 Pros

    - battery

    - slightly faster processor

    - slightly better main camera and has a ultra wide lens

    - colors

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      Thank you.

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    Don't do anything with cell phones

    that will cost you more than one day's worth of your income.

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