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Can a virgin husband suddenly penetrate his tool into his non virgin very experienced wife as she will not have any pain ,or hurt now?

And she knows what to expect in such situation?

Compared to virgin wife wherethe husband would have to be carefull and take care for her and love her while having sex so as to not hurt her or not cause her much pain? Otherwise whst benefit does the husband has if he marries a non virgin wife? Expect the fears of comparisons, STD's, getting dumped like the exes,and not being to to the mark as pet her expectations.

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  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago

    Unless the wife is incredibly naive she's not expecting much of a performance out of her virgin husband's first few attempts at sex. But yes, if she's more experienced he wouldn't have to be as careful as he would if she were also virginal. The obvious benefit in marrying someone with sexual experience is that they actually know how to do it and would make a good teacher for an inexperienced spouse. There are stories about dual virgin couples showing up at fertility clinics not understanding why years of kissing and rubbing hasn't resulted in a baby. Knowledge is never a bad thing. But as always, if either party to this has hangups about it it's a marriage that shouldn't happen.

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    • Koushik3 weeks agoReport

      And thst means that the OP's question is right. That, he can suddenly put his tool in once in his non virgin she wont have pain now..n he should not take care about lubrication, going slow, etc..he can start on full speed from start itself..n the wife cant complain about having pain to him.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    She needs some divine punishment in the form of making her watch while you cheat on her until your body count equals hers

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