What are your favorites thrash metal albums of the 2010's?

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  • Glen W
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    9 months ago
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    Anthrax - Worship Music

    Anthrax - For All Kings

    Overkill - Iron Bound

  • polly
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    9 months ago

    Phantom Antichrist KREATOR (2012)

  • 9 months ago

    I post a list where you can choose

    iron bound OVERKILL 2010

    charred Walls of the damned CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED 2010

    mechanize FEAR FACTORY 2010

    circle the wagons DARKTHRONE 2010

    exhibit b:the human condition EXODUS 2010

    absolute power PRO-PAIN 2010

    annihilation process VIOLATOR 2010

    annihilator ANNIHILATOR 2010

    the obsidian conspiracy NEVERMORE

    evolution of chaos HEATHEN 2010

    wanderer on the edge of time MEKONG DELTA 2010

    exiled to earth BONDED BY BLOOD 2010

    relentless retribution DEATH ANGEL 2010

    no mercy foo, the suicidal family SUICIDAL TENDENCIES 2010

    the cold FLOTSAM AND JETSAM 2010

    death machine EXCITER 2010

    the epigenesis MELECHESH 2010

    omega wave FORBIDDEN 2010

    bloody pit of horror GWAR 2010

    in war and pieces SODOM 2010

    volume XIV TANKARD 2010

    descent into chaos LEGION OF THE DAMNED 2011

    sounds of violence ONSLAUGHT 2011

    day of reckoning DESTRUCTION 2011

    my blood ARTILLERY 2011

    unseen THE HAUNTED 2011

    blunt force trauma CAVALERA CONSPIRACY 2011

    kairos SEPULTURA 2011

    iconoclast SYMPHONY X 2011

    conjure and command TOXIC HOLOCAUST 2011

    worship music ANTHRAX 2011

    five serpent teeth EVILE 2011

    unto the locust MACHINE HEAD 2011

    worlds torn asunder WARBRINGER 2011

    dystopia ICED EARTH 2011

    13een MEGADETH 2011

    beyond magnetic METALLICA 2011

    psychology of death MORTAL SIN 2011

    outer isolation VEKTOR 2011

    Fallen angels VENOM 2011

    resolution LAMB OF GOD 2012

    bloodbath SUICIDAL ANGELS 2012

    out to die AURA NOIR 2012

    the electric age OVERKILL 2012

    fire and damnation EXUMER 2012

    the fatal feast MUNICIPAL WASTE 2012

    intersection MEKONG DELTA 2012

    carved into stone PRONG 2012

    Phantom antichrist KREATOR 2012

    the aftermath BONDED BY BLOOD 2012

    antiseptic bloodbath TOURNIQUET 2012

    a girl called cerveza TANKARD 2012

    dark roots of earth TESTAMENT 2012

    death sentence DUBLIN DEATH PATROL 2012

    ugly noise FLOTSAM AND JETSAM 2012

    spiritual genocide DESTRUCTION 2012

    target earth VOI VOD 2013

    the underground resistance DARKTHRONE 2013

    generation Nothing METAL CHURCH 2013

    feast ANNIHILATOR 2013


    super collider MEGADETH 2013

    the terror tapes GAMA BOMB 2013

    epitome of torture SODOM 2013

    skull EVILE 2013

    unnatural selection HAVOK 2013

    walk through exits only PHIL ANSELMO 2013

    ravenous plague LEGION OF THE DAMNED 2013

    hear what I say DELIVERANCE 2013


    battle maximus GWAR 2013

    the dream calls for blood DEATH ANGEL 2013

    the mediator between hands and head must be the heart SEPULTURA 2013

    Chemistry of conciousness TOXIC HOLOCAUST 2013

    IV empires collapse WARBRINGER 2013

    légions ARTILLERY 2013

    privilege to overcome ULTRAVIOLENCE 2013

    heroes of origin HATRIOT 2013

    immortal legacy HIRAX 2014

    plagues of babylon ICED EARTH 2014

    no place for disgrace 2014 FLOTSAM AND JETSAM

    redefined mayhem HOLY MOSES 2014

    ruining lives PRONG 2014

    RIB TANKARD 2014

    white devil armory OVERKILL 2014

    exit wounds THE HAUNTED 2014

    the year the sun  died SANCTUARY 2014

    slaves to the grave RIGOR MORTIS 2014

    blood in blood out EXODUS 2014

    pandemonium CAVALERA CONSPIRACY 2014

    bloodstone and Diamonds MACHINE HEAD 2014

    dawn of the new centurion HATRIOT 2014

    victim of yourself NERVOSA 2014

    terror hungry LOST SOCIETY 2014

    send them all to hell PANZER 2014

    hidden evolution ANGELUS APATRIDA 2015

    from the very dephts VENOM 2015

    enki MELECHESH 2015

    no child left behind VIKING 2015

    pounder NUCLEAR ASSAULT 2015

    VII Sturm and drang LAMB OF GOD 2015

    metal allegiance METAL ALLEGIANCE 2015

    underworld SYMPHONY X 2015

    Birth and burial ACTS OF DEFIANCE 2015

    repentless SLAYER 2015

    suicide society ANNIHILATOR 2015

    untouchable Glory GAMA BOMB 2015

    dystopia MEGADETH 2016

    the raging tides EXUMER 2016

    for all kings ANTHRAX 2016

    wildfire DESTROYER 666 2016

    post society VOI VOD 2016

    penalty by perception ARTILLERY 2016


    terminal redux VEKTOR 2016

    Under attack DESTRUCTION 2016

    flotsam and jetsam FLOTSAM AND JETSAM 2016

    the evil divide DEATH ANGEL 2016

    division of blood SUICIDAL ANGELS 2016

    but wait there's more DRI 2016

    decision day SODOM 2016

    creatures watching over the dead CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED 2016

    world gone mad SUICIDAL TENDENCIES 2016

    Heaven bled HOOBS ANGEL OF DEATH 2016

    brotherhood of the snake TESTAMENT 2016

    hardwired to self destruct METALLICA 2016

    machine messiah SEPULTURA 2017

    gods of violence KREATOR 2017

    crossover Ministry IRON REAGAN 2017

    the grinding Wheel OVERKILL 2017

    conformicide HAVOK 2017

    one foot in the grave TANKARD 2017

    unstoppable power CONDOR 2017

    the burning URN 2017

    fatal command PANZER 2017

    busted broke and american MOD 2017

    incorruptible ICED EARTH 2017

    slime and punishment MUNICIPAL WASTE 2017

    avé VENOM INC 2017

    for the demented ANNIHILATOR 2017

    thrash anthems II DESTRUCTION 2017

    psychosis CAVALERA CONSPIRACY 2017

    nightmare logic POWER TRIP 2017

    catharsis MACHINE HEAD 2018

    the subversive kind DELIVERANCE 2018

    cabaret de la guillotine ANGELUS APATRIDA 2018

    power drunk majesty volume II METAL ALLEGIANCE 2018

    still cyko punk after all these years SUICIDAL TENDENCIES 2018

    the wake VOI VOD 2018

    gazing at medusa TOURNIQUET 2018

    the face of fear ARTILLERY 2018

    damned if you do METAL CHURCH 2018

    storm the gates VENOM 2018

    purgatory JON SCHAFFER'S PURGATORY 2018

    the end of chaos FLOTSAM AND JETSAM 2019

    the wings of war OVERKILL 2019

    awakening SACRED REICH 2019

    born to perish DESTRUCTION 2019

    revelation of oblivion POSSESSED 2019

    humanicide DEATH ANGEL 2019

    hostile defiance EXUMER 2019

    from days unto darkness HATRIOT 2019

    years of agression SUICIDAL ANGELS 2019

    mourn the southern skies EXHORDER 2019

    the age of entitlement ACID REIGN 2019

    primal future 2019 TOXIC HOLOCAUST 2019

    the last rager MUNICIPAL WASTE 2019

    black arts and alchemy HELLRIPPER 2019

    where light suffocates MORTALSCEPTER 2019

  • Fuhr
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    9 months ago

    1999                    .

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  • Olive
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    9 months ago

    Not any of them

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