Why is this the case?

I be on those dating apps or whatever and I see more transgenders and others in that category that are more willing to have sex other than women, all the women usually there for strictly serious relationship, not for friends, not for sex, always see them say not here for sex or don't hmu with sexual stuff, when has it become where females are losing their feminine nature and it's being replaced by transgenders, it in human nature to have sex but they not understanding that, im not gonna lie I did have sex with a transgender on a drunk horny night it felt the same as a female and she had enough respect to keep her stick out the pic no involvement at all, I hit her up after and said why does it feel normal why I'm not tripping about what you are and what we did she said because I'm more awoke to understand, she also said that a man that's attracted to feminism would be considered more heterosexual than a man who's attracted to females idk how true that is but that's the only one i had sex with tho, I just don't understand why females seem to have no sexual desires or sexual activity unless prostitutes and escorts that gets expensive after a few times

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  • Jason
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Please beware of the STDs before you go to prostitutes or sleep around, especially INCURABLE very common HERPES (HSV2), Every 1 out of 6 People have it, since prostitutes and girls who sleep around have sex with so many, they are most likely to have it and this virus can be contracted even if you wear a condom

    See below


    Check for the sections TREATMENT and EPIDEMIOLOGY

    Pls don't ruin your entire life for FEW MINUTES OF FUN, It's not worth it. Have one trusted partner for sex even it may take time to find a one

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Those 'dating apps or whatever' are full of scammers, catfishers, people seeking drugs, etc. etc.

    You can't base anything in reality off of them.

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